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Battery Pack

A portable 12Vdc @ 1.2A (maximum) battery pack with built-in battery charger.

The Battery Pack

The Battery Pack built by KA2BEO on 1/21/99

Inside the Battery Pack

Inside the Battery Pack built by KA2BEO on 1/21/99

The Battery Pack Schematic

The Battery Pack schematic as built by KA2BEO

The batteries are RadioShack #23-283 cordless telephone replacement batteries.

The case is a RadioShack #270-212 (PacTec #HP or K-HP) 3.60"W x 5.75"L x 1.12"H.

Learn all about the Battery Pack

To learn more about this fun project, read the complete details published in the March 1999 issue (Volume 2, Number 3) of The ARS Sojourner at the Adventure Radio Society Web site.

Read the Battery Pack article (online) PDF.