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Build the MatcHam board game, and download this program.

About MatcHam for Windows

MatcHam for Windows is the software part of a board game system for matching Ham-related terms, symbols, and figures that uses the standard parallel port (SPP) on a personal computer (PC) as a hardware interface. Details for building the hardware part of this fun project are available in the August 1999 edition of the ARRL publication "Ham Radio...Planning for the Future". This annual publication is a great resource for teachers and instructors. It was formerly known as the "Proceedings of The ARRL National Educational Workshop". The book is available from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

The construction article entitled "Build the MatcHam Board Game" is on pages 120 to 132. Also, see pages 176 to 185, 188, and 226 for information related to this project or web site.

MatcHam for Windows is a 32-bit application that runs in Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 only. The software will not run on Windows NT, or 16-bit operating systems, such as Windows 3.1x.

MatcHam for Windows v1.00

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