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More Web Sites

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Get cool Amateur Radio software for FREE by visiting the Nat Radio Co. web site

For free information on becoming a licensed Ham radio operator and starting this fun hobby (at any age), visit the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) web site

If you are visiting from a school, you should check out some of the high-tech trainers at the Lab-Volt Systems web site

Interested in graphic and fine art? Visit the Lorraine Dey Studio web site

Antennas (Also see Equipment...) Aluma Tower Co., Inc. Antenna Network Lab, Inc. (ANLI) Antennas West Butternut Mfg. Co. Cable X-perts, Inc. Cubex Quad Antenna Co. Cushcraft Corp. D & L Antenna Supply Co. Davis RF Co. Force 12 Antennas and Systems GAP Antenna Products, Inc. Glen Martin Engineering High Sierra Antennas Hy-Gain by Telex Communications, Inc. IIX Equipment Ltd. KLM Antennas, Inc. Lakeview Co., Inc. (Ham Stick) Larsen Antennas M2 Antennas Metal & Cable Corp., Inc. NEMAL Cable & Connectors The Radio Works Raibeam Antennas Int'l The R.F. Connection RF Inquiry, Inc. SGC, Inc. (QMS)

Beacon Information BeaconClock software (FREE) Beacon Wizard software (FREE) NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network
Books, Magazines, Videos, Movies, Software, and More Amazon books Antique Electronic Supply Antique Radio Classified American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Ham Radio Online Magazine INDEX Publishing Group, Inc. The Internet Ham Shack - Classified Books The Jade Book from Jade Products, Inc. Morse Goes to the Movies Nat Radio Co. (FREE software by KA2BEO) Online Practice Exams (by AA9PW) Osborne/McGraw-Hill books QRZ CD-ROM Radio Book Store (RBS) Radio Era Archives Radio Operator License Certificates WA6EHL Home Page (Morse code training software)
Clubs and Organizations American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Radio Amateur Satellite Corp. (AMSAT) Boston Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Brookdale Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Central Jersey Radio Amateurs (CJRA) Federal Communications Commission (Federal Cybergovernment Commission) (FCC) Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society (JSARS) New Jersey Antique Radio Club (NJARC) NJIT Amateur Radio Club New Jersey QRP Club NorCAL QRP Club North Jersey DX Association (NJDXA) Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club (OMARC) Old Barney Amateur Radio Club (OBARC) QCWA Marconi Chapter 138 Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX) South Jersey Radio Association (SJRA) Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
Electronic Component Distributors All Electronics Corp. Allied Electronics Antique Electronic Supply Avnet Electronics Digi-Key Corp. Farnell JDR Microdevices Mouser Electronics Newark Electronics Nimco, Inc. Radio Shack Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Equipment Distributors Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) Associated Radio Denver Amateur Radio Supply Electronic Distributors Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) Jade Products, Inc. Jun's Electronics Radio City, Inc. Radio Shack R & L Electronics Texas Towers Universal Radio, Inc.
Equipment Manufacturers ADI from Premier Communications Advanced Battery Systems, Inc. (Batteries/packs) Alpha/Power, Inc. (RF power amplifiers) Alinco Ameritron (RF power amplifiers) Astron Corp. (Power supplies) Azden Command Technologies, Inc. (Commander RF amps) RL Drake The RL Drake Virtual Museum Embedded Research (TICK keyers) The Heathkit Virtual Museum Icom Jade Products, Inc. Kantronics Kenwood Kenwood (Bulletins) Maha (HT accessories) MFJ Enterprises, Inc. Mirage (RF power amplifiers) Optoelectronics Radio Devices Radio Shack Signal-One Standard Radio (SR) Ten-Tec Tigertronics (Packet & APRS) Vectronics (Antenna tuners) W & W Associates (Batteries/packs) Whiterock Products Co. Yaesu
Kits Embedded Research (TICK keyers) Hamtronics New Jersey QRP Club NorCAL QRP Club Projects by Harry Lythall SM0VPO/G4VVJ (Excellent resource for builders!) "QLF" Kit (from KI5YN) Ten-Tec Whiterock Products Co.
Special Interest Insulator collecting and other collections Low Profile Amateur Radio (discrete hamming) Low Power Amateur Radio (QRP operation) Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX) Solar Activity
Telegraph Keys Bencher, Inc. K2CD Keys MFJ Enterprises, Inc. Morse Express - Milestone Technologies, Inc. Morsum Magnificat Sparks Telegraph Key Review The Telegraph Office - Neal McEwen, K5RW (A great resource!) The Vibroplex Co., Inc.
Used Equipment Amateur Radio Internet Shopper Hams Buy, Sell, or Trade - Free HamStore Hamtrader - Free classified ads The Internet Ham Shack - Classified Hamfests The Virtual Hamfest
Vacuum Tubes Antique Electronic Supply International Components Corp. (ICC) Svetlana Electron Devices
Virtual Museums The Virtual Collins Radio Museum The RL Drake Virtual Museum The Heathkit Virtual Museum

For all the best SSTV (slow-scan television) links, see the September 1997 QST, pages 53 to 56.

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