Amateur Radio for kids

Rob L. Dey, KA2BEO


2A transformer that essentially balances unbalanced feedline.
3A beam that is cubical.
5A soft metal that is melted into a conductive joint.
7A wire used to strengthen a structure.
9The pole that supports most aluminum antennas.
12A large wire antenna.
14The pair of conductors that carry power to and from the antenna, which can be open.
15An eight-foot nail to ground your station.
17The earth.
18An antenna turner.
20An antenna that is not horizontally-polarized.
23The supporting element of a beam.
24A cable with a center conductor, and an outer shield.
25An antenna...
1Contains more than one wire.
4A type of beam with loops.
6An artificial antenna.
8The outer-conductor in coaxial cable.
10Used to match the transmitter output impedance to the antenna system.
11The most common balanced-wire antenna.
13A flat beam with 2 or more elements.
16A conductor.
19A directional antenna.
21This is used where a mast is too short for the job.
22A circular conductor.