Amateur Radio for kids

Rob L. Dey, KA2BEO


1A one-time, over-current protector for circuits.
2Quartz that vibrates at a stable rate.
3Not a plug, but a ...
5A numerical user input interface.
7Essentially stores electrical energy, but actually creates it.
8Stores energy, made of wire.
11A vacuum-sealed light bulb with a tungsten filament.
14A rubber bushing.
15Spiral wire.
16A visual user interface that outputs information.
17Decor for a rotary control.
18A resettable over-current protector for circuits.
1A gaseous type of lamp.
4Copper wire is an electrical ...
6A rectifier.
9Used to connect and disconnect conductors.
10An alphanumeric user interface that is used to input information.
11Glass is an electrical ...
12Stores energy, made of metal plates.
13A light bulb.