Amateur Radio for kids

Rob L. Dey, KA2BEO


5A vacuum-sealed valve.
6A switch that is pressed into action.
7A device that opposes electrical current.
8A type of gaseous lamp that glows orange.
10Liquid-crystal display.
11A temperature-dependent resistor.
15A user interface that contains a keyboard and display.
17A common three-terminal semiconductor device.
18An alternating-current device that can match impedances, or change voltages.
1Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
2Not a jack, but a ...
3An instrument for displaying measured electrical values.
4A diode with a low reverse-breakdown voltage.
5A doughnut-shaped coil form.
6A variable resistor.
9Light-emitting diode.
12An electrical device that spins when power is applied to it.
13An electrical outlet or ...
14An ON/OFF device.
16A three-terminal semiconductor device commonly used to control motor speed.