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Telegraph Keys

Click on KA2BEO to hear Morse code telegraphy in action!


My Collection

History, descriptions, and photos of each key and related item in my collection, which includes telegraph keys, bugs, paddles, sounders, and relays.


Construction details of a few special keys, and other related projects.

Code Practice

Try your copying skills with this FREE on-line code practice.

CW Midi for Windows

Home of CW MIDI - The World's first TEXT-to-MIDI conversion software! Create Morse code files from ASCII text that play on your sound card.

Antenna Farm


Ground-mounted Verticals

Designed verticals for you to build.

Mini Loops

Designed loops for you to build.

Rotatable Dipoles

Designed dipoles for you to build.

Field Day Program


Free Software

Absolutely free application software for you to download.

It's here! Free CW MIDI software to create Morse code standard MIDI files from ASCII text.

Straight key sending CQ Hallicrafters HT-40 transmitter Hallicrafters SX-140 receiver

Other Things

QRP Equipment

Low-power transceiver and accessory projects.

More Web Sites

Catagorized links to other Ham sites.

Unidentified Coin

Please help to identify this unique coin.

Fishing Holes

Links and information about fishing.

Microphone Heathkit DX-60 transmitter Heathkit HR-10 receiver

Comments or questions?

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Don't forget to surf the airwaves too! You can e-mail me via Packet Radio at my home PBBS address: KA2BEO@WT3V.NJ.USA.NOAM.

Thanks for visiting! Before you go, check out my QSL card. I'll see you on the air next Field Day. 73, Rob.

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